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Laser Measuring


1:Precise measurements.

2:Don't have to remove old counters until installation day.

3:Customer will be able to see the drawing on a 12" display to make changes on Overhangs, Radius and Position of faucets.

4:What customer approved is exactly what's going to be cut.

Vein Matching


1:We can match your slabs and make sure you get the best consistent patterns. 

2:We offer the option for Customers to also see in Real time how their project is going to look before it gets cut.

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Robo-Sawjet picture cutting.jpg



1:Precise cutting to get the best look for your kitchen.


2:Best experience when installation day arrives do to minimizing cuts and adjustments up to 95%


3:   1/16” accuracy for precise installs eliminating the cost of time associated with reworks.

4:All Sinks, Arcs, Radius will be very precise.


              HOW WE DO GREAT SEAMS.

            1:We train our team on what tools to use when                                    managing different materials.


            2:We also train them on how to mix colors                         making  sure  you get the best color match for                                                     your seam.

            3:We use the correct Gorilla tool to pull the two                   pieces together so it can be as tied and level as                                                   possible.


       Our competitors have the excuse to do seams 1/8"                   because of the Stone Industry Standards.

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